• IDC predicts  that by 2015 more people in the U.S. will access the Internet via mobile devices than through desktop computers or other wired devices.  IDC also estimates that nearly 1 billion new smartphones will be manufactured for distribution in 2015.  

    Does your business have a mobile app and a mobile version of your website?  If so is your mobile presence helping grow your business?  

    Looking ahead, what are your plans for exploiting the growth of the Internet of Everything (a.k.a the Internet of Things) that is forecast to become a multi-trillion dollar marketplace over the next few years?

    Call us for a free consultation.  We're experts at making sure you're doing the right things the right way with technology.

    • Tailored Business Apps

      Customizeable solution templates to streamline business processes, starting at
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    • Online tools keep it simple

    • We offer online, cloud-based development tools for you to build and modify your mobile applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, websites (both mobile and general versions), and/or your custom business applications.

    • Incredibly Easy

    • Our easy to use tools allow you to create tailored solutions for your business without having any knowledge of computer programming.   This saves an enormous amount of  time and money, both for initial development as well as ongoing support.

    • Mobile Apps & more

    • We allow you to create and support native apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and mobile websites, to integrate with the technology you are already using to run your business.

    • Customize Everything

    • Customizing technology to streamline your operations has never been easier or more affordable.  Make technology work the way you want it to work..finally!

    • Since 1981, over 1,800 Businesses worldwide trust ACTS.

    • ACTS makes the process of building custom business apps and mobile apps affordable and simple.  This is especially good news for those with limited budgets and lacking in technical know how.

      We offer each clients the option, if they have the time and know how,  to simultaneously create, edit, and manage business apps, mobile apps and mobile websites themselves...without having any programming knowledge.

    • Why Choose Us

      • Affordable apps tailored for your business
      • Stay ahead of the technology curve
      • Zero programming knowledge needed
      • We make technology do what YOU want it to do
  • Let ACTS help you create an affordable, effective mobile presence tailored for your business, that allows you to drop in new content in a matter of seconds.  Also, please ask how we're improving senior care with mobile apps.